Stop Wearing Deodorant

Jun 13

Travis has powerful sexual magnetism, and he stinks. What’s wrong here? big-time-dates-armpit-lick

You may remember Travis from Answering Letters Mit Travis Und Leif and Top German Pickup Lines.

He has been conducting an experiment since the beginning of this year to live without deodorant. Actually, he’s just really poor, but that’s besides the point. The point is, women love his B.O. He discovered this last year when cycling to meet a BTD at a park. By the time he arrived he was sweaty and rank. He apologized to his date who replied, “I love the way you smell.” A light bulb flipped on in Travis’ head and since then the same incident has played out many times with other BTD.

There is great evidence supporting the theory that women and men both subconsciously test a potential match through smell and taste. Ever heard of pheromone parties? Or bulusela shops — where Japanese men purchase girl’s vacuum-packed (but used) panties from vending machines?

In conclusion, we don’t wear deodorant… But we don’t wear condoms either… We also don’t have sex… We COULD though, we just don’t because we’re busy running/managing an entire dating website! #TIMEMANAGEMENT

Now that you are saving at least $1,000 a year on deodorant, you don’t want to pay taxes on that money. Spend it on a BTD T-Shirt!

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