Mobile Dating Unit

Sep 21

So many requests come in for Big Time Dates that, sadly, we turn many people away with the excuse, “We can’t be everywhere at once.” Well, now we can! After the massive conflagration in Bastrop county we salvaged this vehicle.

Mobile Dating Unit Before Restoration

Mobile Dating Unit Before Restoration 2

Later that afternoon…

The world’s first Mobile Dating Unit is born.

Mobile Dating Unit After Restoration

Features include:

  1. External combustion electric motor powered by our personal collection of vibrator batteries
  2. Corded phone with direct hotline to BTD switchboard
  3. High-def floppy disc audio recording
  4. Easy-in easy-out door-less entry
  5. Rear-view mirror, but we never look back, or forward, only out of the side
  6. Tailored suits that show we’re DTF


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