Julie & Gregory Peck in Spellbound

Sep 18

Not much is known of BTD contributing writer and conSEXualist, JulieGoRound. However, after researching milk cartons and newspapers used by bums for blankets, we were able to verify these two factual statements as facts, in fact.

1. 1 in 5 dentists acknowledge JulieGoRound as the best goddamn writer of our time PERIOD


2. We found this poster on the side of our BTD HQ (it’s a local porn shop called Country Cravings (we try to support local businesses (Disclaimer: Nathan and Mark have girlfriends and don’t need porn (Disclaimer: that’s not true)))

Sometimes a Big Time Date leaves you spellbound. Sometimes Spellbound leaves you with a Big Time Date. Julie and Gregory Peck “peck” it out in this sensual thriller based on the Twilight series… or something.. BTD DTF BTD DTF BTD

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