Settlement Reached in BTD Lawsuit

Jun 16


Big Time Dates won a sizable $67 million in the settlement, thanks to the Supreme Court’s “def guilty” verdict on our plagiarism case.

Hold on, let me pull back. For those of you unaware, for some time now Big Time Dates has been the victim of online plagiarism. It came to our attention when we began noticing pictures THAT WE TOOK were showing up on image searches. More importantly, and way more infuriatingly, they’ve been photoshopped.



Try searching “romantic couple sunset” in Google images. You won’t get the original…



Check what they did. Just terrible. They cut out Bethany’s face.




We sent Bee to China and this is what happened. Best moment of her life, obviously.



Don’t understand this… Where’s Bee??




Our good friend Cara really went on this date. See how happy and tinted she looks.



What’s wrong with this?

1) You can’t tell what he’s thinking without the thought bubble.

2) This woman’s face is out of focus.




I hope by now you understand what we’ve been dealing with the last few months. And I know you’re wondering, how did we solve this problem?

Big Time Courtroom Time

Seriously though, we took the plagiarizers to a Supreme Court and laid a Supreme Verdict on them.

And that’s how you get rich. 4 real

Thanks to everyone who continued to support us, even when our case seemed unwinnable. And to our legal team of monkeys, which coincidentally also double as our research team of monkeys, thanks to you for throwing together the final winning argument,

On this day, justice prevailed.

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