Big Time Dating for Busy Couples

Feb 7

Enjoy our first guest post by fellow dater, writer, and mother, JulieGoRound. Check out her personal blog, No Basement At The Alamo.

Big-Time-Dating-For-Busy-CouplesBefore children, I was getting my date sucked on a regular basis. And it felt really damn good.

I used to look forward to a date all day–I would fantasize about the dinner, the conversation, what I would do the MOMENT kissy kissy times would happen. Going out on a date, even if you’ve been with the same partner for many years, is the one time you can tell the rest of the world to eff off. I am spending time with my man, thank you very much.

The last time I went on a date was June 17, 2011, five days before our second daughter was born. To the young and tragically hip reading this, you have officially written me off as a lame ass, and I understand that. But I simply refuse to give up on dating. I will not let Kindergarten homework and lack of time and diapers and cooking supper and grading papers and directing shows (I am a theatre professor) and the complete and utter EXHAUSTION of having it all get in the way of my ability to date.

My husband and I now look for every opportunity to date. Below I present my recent dates.

Rules for these dates: A date is any time a child is not in your hand or in your face or you are not at work.

1) Brushing your teeth together at the sink before bed. DATE.

2) In the car alone before you pick up the kids from school. DATE.

3) In an elevator on the ride up to a doctor’s office. DATE.

4) Gathering your tax paperwork. DATE.

5) Loading the dishwasher after supper. DATE.

6) Watching TV on the couch after kids are in bed. Even if one of you falls asleep–DATE!

7) Showering together in the morning and telling your kids you are shaving your legs and daddy is helping you “wash your back” because you can’t reach it. DATE!

8) Any time your children are in another room in the house…get that date sucked.

9) Pretending to be locked in the hall closet with Daddy and will come out when the door will open. Five minutes in heaven date.

10) You are using the restroom while your partner is using the sink to get ready and you have a tiny house and only one bathroom so this is totally normal…date folks.

11) Making supper in your underwear (even if the kids are watching) will show them you like to keep food off your clothes. If you partner sits on the kitchen counter while you cook, it is one hot date.

12) Going to the laundry room to “get the clothes out of the dryer” and then telling your kids to stay out for 30 minutes because you found a nest of baby spiders and you have to stay in the laundry room until you find all 300 of them. Date that could go on as long as you want (and longer if the laundry room has a lock on the door).

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