Black People Meet

Mar 13

In our ongoing quest to bring you unbiased reviews of the hottest dating sites we are putting through the paces. Let’s see how well this profile ranks.


Height: at least 12’8″ (combined height)

Eye Color: Multi-black

How would you describe your looks: Past super-attractive

What is your marital status? Multiple in progress

How many children do you have? None… I’ve never been pregnant, but it seems to happen to a lot of the women around me.

A little about me us: First of all we’re a team. This is non-negotiable. Good news for you, you get to kill two birds with one stone, and by birds I mean dicks, and by kill I mean love.

About the one I’m looking for: DTFDTFDTF

I’d just like to add: We run a high scale dating site. Viewing this profile has entered you in our database. You will now receive hourly updates of our relationship status until you go out with us.


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