How to Skype Sext

Apr 15

BTD recommends this formula if you are just starting out with Internet sex.

[2:51:04 AM] Mark: are you waiting to have Skype sex with your boyfriend?
[2:51:14 AM] LaToya: haha noooope… he’s at work
[2:51:31 AM] Mark: Are you waiting that have Skype sex with me?
[2:51:41 AM] LaToya: YESSS
[2:51:50 AM] LaToya: plz plz plz. I thought you’d never ask
[2:51:55 AM] Mark: Oh my God I’m so horny
[2:52:13 AM] LaToya: Oh my Gosh. Me, too.
[2:52:38 AM] Mark: are you touching your cats?
[2:52:45 AM] LaToya: omg, yes.
[2:53:23 AM] Mark: I ejaculated
[2:53:32 AM] LaToya: me too.
[2:53:46 AM] LaToya: man, that was good.
[2:53:47 AM] Mark: 😀
[2:54:23 AM] Mark: maybe next time we could do it with audio
[2:54:32 AM] LaToya: lol totally

This formula works people. Notice how at 2:54:23 Mark escalated the relationship from Casual Skype Sexting (Stage I) to Full Noncommittal Internet Phone Sex (Stage II). That’s how dates are won.
To recap,
Stage I: Casual Skype Sexting
Stage II: Full Noncommittal Internet Phone Sex
Next week, we’ll escalate a relationship from Stage II to
Stage III: Full-on Committal Internet Phone Sex

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