2011 Listener Facials Part 2

Jan 27

In the much-anticipated closing episode of 2011 Mark and Nathan hit the streets for candid reactions to the past year’s dating roller coaster on Big Time Dates. Welcome to the thigh-quaking climax of this two-part series.

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  • lol, imposter scott, was whispering around the ladies in Nordstrom Rack. First off, he might want to spend some more time on BTD to know how to communicate around the ladies…and nordstrom rack>>>> LOL obviously he is nervous around the ladies because he likes BTD with dudes!! I am kind of sad i didnt get a call for the poll! my answer would have been the bait and tackle shop and also the depth of the substance, knowledge, and skill you are able to jam pack in to such a short podcast!!

    • Nathan says:

      Thanks Scott! (death to the fake scott)
      1) Yes, please teach your son the ways of female seduction. We can’t hold his hand the entire way.
      2) BTD with dudes?!? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
      3) Glad you like Bait & Tackle. Freak’n buy something already.
      4) We definitely know hot to jam it in.

  • Scott (the real scott) says:

    I also like the Jan 25 article with the shout out to Big Daddys. although i feel the “get in to five fights” should be optional!!

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